That's Money Honey - A DIY Piggy Bank Your Kid Will Love

That's Money Honey - A DIY Piggy Bank Your Kid Will Love
Jenni Farley on YouTube

When I was little, I loved the sound coins made when I dropped them into my piggy bank. KACHING! Now, as an adult who uses an actual bank, I miss that comforting sound of saving money. Meilani is still only 2, but it's never too early to start learning about the importance of saving money, right? And there's definitely no funner way than building a piggy bank together where she can store her riches lol. This DIY piggy bank is a blast to make. The most difficult part? Making your child sit still during the process. SHEESH! Am I feeding this girl too much sugar?!

So we had a bit of a spill, and by that, I mean Meilani threw everything onto the ground. Once I finally stopped laughing (my baby is just crazy!), we finished up an adorable piggy bank. Seriously guys. It's so fun. And if you do happen to spill everything, it's a great opportunity to teach your kid about the importance of cleaning up. hahaha 


Large water bottle

Glue (ideally a hot glue gun)


Construction paper

Little wooden spools (painting optional. Meilani of course wanted pink!)

Pipe cleaner

Googly eyes


1. Wrap the construction paper around the bottle and tape it down

2. Cut slit in top of the bottle for coins. Also cut hole in back of bottle for the tail.

3. Wrap the pipe cleaner around your finger to create the tail 

4. Hot glue the spools onto the bottle as legs

5. Glue Googly Eyes to front of the bottle

6. Use construction paper to create ears and glue onto head

7. Insert pipe cleaner tail into back (feel free to add a bit of glue so it sticks)


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