Note from me: Stop this is one of my favorite pics of them right now.

From Roger: I’ve seen pictures like this of my sister and I when we were kids. I’ve seen pictures of other people’s kids like this. But when I look at my own kids it makes me realize the incredible luck that fate, timing and choice has bestowed upon me. They don’t wake up and ever see me as anything but their one and only Daddy. How blessed am I ?

Little man is more than 2 weeks old now and life is great. We just did a newborn-big sister photoshoot the other day and the pictures turned out great. Hard to beat a pic like that one above though.

We spent a couple days in Maine after Greyson was born to spend time with my family so they could see him and being there always brings me peace.

I’ve been trying to help out as often as I can but let’s be real, I’m nothing without my superhero wife and the best nanny this side of the Mississippi.

Above is Daddy’s shot at making breakfast for his Punky Brewster. (I can barely boil water)

I’m just working on keeping her from taking over the whole house.

So far, Meilani is being a great big sister. This is her cheesing about it. Yes that’s a “nose pincher ” in her hand for her brother that she would like to bestow upon him. It’s similar to knighting someone but not as honorable and hurts like a bitch she told me. Trial by fire Greyson. Trial by fire my boy.

Unfortunately I was at work so I wasn’t able to witness this but this is most defiantly our child. No paternity test needed. Meilani just graduated to the next step up in swim class. The kids now “swim” by themselves with a swim belt on in the deep end but must listen to instructions from the teachers. As you can see our child does what she wants and swims to the middle of the pool and begins her very own Aqua Ballet. The instructor had to come in after her. What do you think babe? Too early for a FTW tattoo inside her bottom lip ? Thanks for the footage Carly. You always make me feel like I’m there when I can’t be.

To wind this post down, I just have to say of M & G: They are the future, they are my legacy, they are my children, I will not fail them.

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